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Trust me when I say I have experience! I finally opened Elise Floral after almost 20 years of working alongside other amazing florists all over Connecticut and in NYC.  Lots of experience has given me the confidence to learn new techniques, to work with unusual flowers and foliage and to discover new color combinations. What shall I arrange for you today?



Like, seriously.  I totally love flowers! The rainbow of colors, the scents, the different shapes and sizes!

Same day delivery of fresh flowers for your special occasion or in an depth consultation for your wedding or event, whichever it is, I got you covered!  Get in touch anyway it's convenient for you! Call, email, text, Facebook message, Linkedin message, Instagram, snail mail... 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Yup. Satisfaction guaranteed. Elise Floral is in business to make you and everyone you know, very happy! And, if you are unhappy, Tell Me! I will do what I can to get it right and get you happy! And then let me know just how happy and then let everyone else know too! 

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Have a question? I have an answer!

Better yet, come and visit!

I certainly do love my customers, so feel free to visit Elise Floral in Cheshire, Connecticut during normal business hours... which are all over the place because this is a studio space and sometimes I'm not here but I can be, so just get in touch and we'll figure it out!

Elise Floral

80 Hinman St, Cheshire, CT 06410, US

(203) 952-1397


Monday - Friday: like maybe 9:30AM ish–5PM ish?

Saturday: maybe 10AM–1PM or so

Sunday: Sorry dudes, I'm closed. Unless you have a huge order, then I'm open.

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